PariMatch Malaysia and Opinions 2022 | Odds, Bonuses and Bets

One of the best known and most appreciated bookmakers in Malaysia is undoubtedly Parimatch . A name to which you can easily associate the online platform, a responsive version of the site itself as well as a series of apps : one entirely dedicated to sports betting and the other, instead, specialized in gambling, poker and casino .

But who is Parimatch and who is it that moves its ranks? It is a platform born, at least in Malaysia, in 2008. It is operated by BPG Srl, a company of the Cosmo Gaming Company Ltd group, founded in 2001. In the years preceding the launch of the Parimatch online platform in Malaysia, the company has successfully colonized the online gaming markets in England, France and Germany – just to name a few. And then get to us.


To give impetus and proactivity to the bookmaker is undoubtedly a series of very important factors, which we will try to analyze in detail below. It is in fact a bookmaker attentive to the different levels of user interaction not only with the platform interface itself but also with its navigation, ease of understanding and attention to the user’s needs. In fact, we will see how the bookie offers a particularly studied subdivision in its menu and in the variety of its schedule, sports and otherwise. We will also see the attention that Parimatch bet pays to its users, to their well-being but also to the variety of services, types of payment and opportunities that it is impossible to miss.

Pros and cons of the Parimatch bookmaker

The Parimatch bookmaker is not perfect: but after all, which bookmaker is? Alongside the numerous advantages that make it one of the most sought-after betting sites, there are, unfortunately, defects to be considered, both in the stylistic sphere and in the division of the menu. Let’s see together the strengths and weaknesses of the betting site .


Parimatch Malaysia offering is something any bookmaker should be proud of . It is in fact a complete platform not only in terms of sports betting. It counts, among others, a section full of online games, casinos but also poker and slots . It is a rich and varied schedule, which one cannot help but be fascinated by.

As for the sports betting section, Parimatch naturally offers a large chunk of the featured space for football betting. It is in fact known that the Malaysia public prefers the latter over the other sports. The main homepage showcase offers the possibility to see the matches already in progress, those that will start shortly but also other matches on which it is possible to bet. In this context, the main Malaysian and European championships are present.

Other sports included in the bookmaker’s offer are those already known to fans. There are in fact the main basketball, volleyball, tennis and rugby tournaments . A good slice of the market is also dedicated to golf, ice hockey and handball. Engine lovers, of course, will also be able to bet on the Formula 1 and Moto GP championships.

E-Sports are not yet present, unfortunately still excluded from the Parimatch schedule.

Main championships of the schedule 

We have mentioned only a few but it is clear how important it is to highlight the amount of sports (and tournaments) present on Parimatch. A feature of Parimatch not to be underestimated is in fact the wide choice of tournaments and leagues to bet on . It is not just about the football sphere: all sectors are widely involved. Wide scope is given to betting in the field of tennis, basketball, volleyball and even handball.

For the football championships, the Malaysian Serie A and B stand out , but the Spanish Liga, Bundesliga, Lega Carioca and Champions League are also present. For the tennis tournaments we report the presence of the Australian Opena, the ATP Estoril and that of Monaco, the WTA Prague, ITF Mexico and, finally, Challenger Ostrava. Although, as we know, when Federer plays it is almost obvious who to bet!


In basketball, the Makaysian League 1 and Serie A2 follow the NBA, just like the French Pro A and the Spanish ACBL. The Netherlands Eredivisie is even present. And if there is basketball, volleyball could not be missing either . On pole we find the Malaysian female and male A1 , followed by the French Pro A, the Russian Super League and the Polish PLS. Brazil Superliga is also well represented. However, it is evident that the opening, even in the context of volleyball championships, is evidently aimed at Eastern countries. Countries that, as we know, have particularly competitive leagues and teams. If not, Zaytzev’s dunk is proof of it!

For Handball , bets are open for: Champions League, Portugal A1, Greece A1, Czech Republic Extraliga , Sweden Eliteserin and Denmark Handboldligaen.

What transpires, even very quickly, from this schedule is the attention that the bookie reserves for all categories of sport . Really, all of them, none excluded. It is not limited to the major leagues of the most sought-after sports but tries to offer a sporting background with a considerable variety of alternatives. Commendable.

Parimatch Welcome Bonus

Parimatch is a world-famous bookmaker and like any self-respecting bookie, it also has a very interesting Parimatch welcome bonus. By now all bookmakers offer their own welcome bonus, but the one offered by Parimatch is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and substantial ever.

This bonus is aimed primarily at all sports betting lovers. This promo is mainly addressed to all new members of the site who register on Parimatch. A minimum initial deposit is included in the terms and conditions. However, the deposit must be made with one of the following methods: Postepay, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

All transfers made with Neteller, Paypal and Skrill are excluded from eligibility for the welcome bonus.

In addition to the welcome bonus, Parimatch bet also offers other bonuses in the poker and casino sections. To check them, just access the site and its related sections. At this point, we just have to wish you good luck!

Parimatch Live Betting

Section from which you can not help but be particularly impressed is the one dedicated to live betting. For several years now, users have been increasingly inclined to bet live. It is in fact the possibility of betting directly on the match while the latter is in full swing . What is certain is that the adrenaline flows in this type of play, which many prefer and take full advantage of.

In the case of Parimatch, the bookie offers a section that is particularly developed for this type of player. It is in fact a section where the meetings are updated daily. Every day the matches on which it is possible to bet live are many and of various sports disciplines. The most favorite – at least in Malaysia – naturally remain football matches.


Although there is the possibility of live betting , the possibility of following the matches live is lacking. Just like live betting, live streams have also become increasingly popular in recent years. Some bookmakers, even, do not only offer the possibility of betting online. They also offer the possibility to watch the meetings live from the screen of your PC or smartphone . Some go even further: they also offer streaming on their own mobile apps, thus allowing players to carry games literally “always in their pocket”. Some, in fact. Parimatch Malaysia, unfortunately, is not yet among them. The live streaming section is a big red dot for the bookmaker. An element that must certainly be characterized and implemented as soon as possible, if only to make the program of services offered to its users even more complete.

Parimatch mobile app

Like any self-respecting bookmaker (or site), Parimatch also does not forget its users who use the platform mainly from mobile. On the one hand, it is the bookmaker that offers a responsive website , therefore able to adapt to the screen of any portable device. On the other hand, it has a double App available to satisfy even the most demanding players. We have thoroughly developed the Parimatch App theme but will try to summarize the highlights as briefly as possible.

The Parimatch app is convenient, easy to download for both iOS (from the AppStore) and Android (directly from the Parimatch site). The type of navigation is immediate, the sections are clearly structured. The design and colors recall the desktop version of the site, thus creating continuity between the two realities.

Just like the desktop version, it is easy to access the area for logging in or registration, your account and areas for betting on the main leagues.

Parimatch Deposit methods

Parimatch offers a truly amazing variety of payment methods and withdrawal of funds from your account. As we know, not all bookies provide the same means to be able to deposit and then withdraw money from your account. Parimatch is no exception.

To deposit funds into your account , with a transaction whose existence is immediate, you can use the VISA, the MasterCard, the Postepay or the Maestro circuit card. For all of them the minimum deposit limit is 10 euros while the maximum limit of 1000.


Among the prepaid cards , the PaysafeCard and the HiPay are considered, the conditions of which do not differ from the cards already mentioned. The advantage of paying with these cards is the fact that, thanks to a payment via disposable code, the transaction will have its security and fluidity.

Among the payments accepted via electronic wallet , there are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. As with physical cards, also in this case the transaction is immediate and the preset maximum and minimum limits do not vary.

For the bank transfer , however accepted, the time of the transaction must be considered, which in some cases can take up to 7 working days. This is why Parimatch bet offers an advantageous option. By sending the copy of the invoice, together with an identity document and the deposited sum , the deposit will be released within 24 hours .

Parimatch Withdrawal methods

For withdrawals, there are some rules to keep in mind . You can only make a withdrawal from your account and only with a payment method already used for a deposit . Here are the estimated waiting times for withdrawals with the respective methods:

  • Credit cards : 7 working days from the date of registration of the withdrawal
  • Electronic wallet : 2 working days from the date of registration of the withdrawal
  • Bank transfer or: 8-10 working days from the date of registration of the withdrawal

It is therefore important to also consider the payment method before making it. In this way, in fact, you will also have the certainty of being able to count in advance on the timing for receiving your winnings after a withdrawal. So, dear players: watch out!

Security and reliability, license

As already widely specified, with Parimatch you are on the safe side . This does not depend only on a company that has been operating in the sector for almost twenty years . It depends on consistency, regularity and user satisfaction – which has never wavered.

We already know that Parimatch conquers the Malaysian online betting market starting from 2008. One of the first platforms in the sector, it immediately stands out thanks to the strength of BPG Srl, the company it has behind it. Regulated by an official AAMS license , the security of the platform is therefore out of the question. In fact , all transactions carried out on the platform are 100% guaranteed and safe . This is not just a confirmation, given the ever-decreasing reliability of online payments.

Added to this is a GoDaddy encryption system , which also guarantees the security of the players’ personal data. In fact, SSL encryption is based on a proven ISAAC generation system. In short? If you are afraid that your data will be tampered with or that it is not sufficiently protected, with Parimatch you do not have to worry.


A certainly important note for the safety of users is the section dedicated to responsible gaming . Parimatch Malaysia, like several other bookies in the sector , focuses on the psychological health of its players. Which is why he dedicates an entire section of customer support to responsible gaming. In addition to emphasizing that gambling is something that only adults can experience, it sensitizes players not to overdo it. In fact, a section is available in your personal area where you can independently set your “limit” . By Parimatch login into My Account -> Cashier -> Set Limit you will be able to follow the instructions for self-exclusion from online play.

Customer service

Every self-respecting bookmaker must be able to count on an advanced customer support section. In the case of an online bookmaker, this care must be even more thorough and timely. Parimatch, in this regard, provides a wide range of methods with which it is possible to contact Customer Support . First of all, the less immediate but certainly the fastest method, you can send an email . If the email is not to your liking, you can safely chat with one of the operators directly from the site. The chat option is available in the support section.

The section in question includes, in addition to the usual FAQs with the most frequently asked questions , also sections dedicated to very specific topics. In fact, you can find all the information about payment methods, security, gaming regulations, as well as legal notices and the confidentiality clause.