Cricket Betting

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Do you like to play cricket or do you regularly watch matches and have not yet started betting on sports? Don’t waste your time, because every victory of your favorite team can bring you money.

A lot of online cricket bet Parimatch companies will give you the opportunity to make predictions on the total score or the victory of a certain team and, of course, make money on it. If you like to analyze matches, study betting strategies and make predictions yourself, no one limits you in this, choose the best bookmaker platform and join the million players who also place bets. 

Parimatch cricket can be an excellent option among competitors. 

Betting on this bookmaker is comfortable, there is a large selection of matches, good odds and cricket betting Parimatch Malaysia options that you can make.


Which cricket tournaments to bet on with Parimatch

A lot of players like to bet on this particular sport – cricket. Bets in this category occupy the second most popular place in the bookmaker Parimatch after football. Cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which includes more than a hundred countries and also territories. 

Parimatch presents on its website a lot of cricket tournaments that may interest you. Among the largest tournaments are:

  • IPL
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • ICC World T20 Cup
  • Big Bash League
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Asian Cup
  • Ashes
  • Border-Gavaskar Trophy

Looking at this long list, which does not even include smaller tournaments, ordinary matches among teams, definitely every cricket fan will want to bet. This is what attracts Parimatch, a huge variety, wide opportunities for betting and sporting events. 

You can independently track which events are currently available and which are planned for the near future.

Features of cricket betting rules

How to play Parimatch cricket? Cricket has gained popularity in the past, but still remains a favorite sport for many players. At this stage, there are 3 most popular and basic cricket formats:

  • The highest level of cricket
  • One-day, quick matches
  • T20.

At the highest level of cricket, meetings can be held up to several days. In this format, some test matches are held between national teams, as well as national championships. It is here that you can find out about some of the upcoming women’s test matches that are being held between England and South Africa.

The rules of T20 will be faster, more energetic and more spectacular, because the matches will not be delayed for numerous days. It is this format of cricket that is gaining more and more popularity in the world today. The average duration of the match here will be about three and a half hours.

One-day matches (One Day International, or ODI for short) this is the golden mean among cricket fans. In games of this type, teams determine the winner quickly, in just one day.

Tips for pre-match analysis

Predicting the market and pre-match games is not an easy process. Not every beginner will be able to cope with this. That is why there are a lot of online cricket betting tips Parimatch  on the Internet that will help you figure out what is the best way to bet and on what indicators. 

Among such tips you can find:

  • Understanding the market
  • Analysis of match conditions
  • Recent form
  • Play with a sober head and a sound mind
  • To withdraw funds during

Studying all this takes time, so you can simply find sites where experts give their own forecasts for the game and the future match, based on the points that are presented above. You do not have to spend time studying all the details, worry about whether you have judged this or that moment correctly. However, no one gives you guarantees that your forecasts or expert forecasts will bring a 100% bet win.

cricket betting

Pros and cons of betting on cricket

Any variant of sports betting, including cricket, has its advantages and some disadvantages. Many people who have experience in this sport or betting in Parimatch cricket betting app, as well as those who follow cricket, most likely know these aspects, but it’s worth listing them anyway. So, let’s list the things that should be taken into account when choosing cricket for a Parimatch.

A significant advantage of cricket is that almost at any time, you will have a choice of matches available to you, and you will have something to bet on. Cricket is quite popular and in the article above you have already read a large list of available tournaments, and smaller, one-day tournaments will be added to them, so you always have which matches to decide from.

Another plus in the cricket piggy bank is numerous markets. That is, you will be able to decide many options on an equal footing with football, where you can place a bet and which one. Cricket is present on many websites of betting companies.

One of the disadvantages is that for successful bets you need to thoroughly understand the game itself and its process. It is necessary to study the rules, tournaments, the best teams. Of course, for any sport it is desirable to be familiar with what is happening, but cricket seems to require special attention.

Another disadvantage that you may encounter is the lack of live broadcasts on your bookmaker’s platform. Many bookmakers do not provide such an opportunity even for football, let alone cricket.



Cricket is a great sport for betting enthusiasts, but if you are well versed in it. Of course, you can simply place bets based on expert forecasts, but you will get much more emotions and enjoyment from matches and bets if you are familiar with the rules of the game and the teams.

With cricket, you don’t have to worry about having nothing to bet on. At any time you will be able to find a suitable match for yourself and make a forecast for the future to win.