CS GO Betting in Parimatch Malaysia

cs go parimatch

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular shooters in the world today. Cs Go Parimatch are available for you. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first appeared on the gaming arena in 2012 as a logical continuation of version 1.6. The new version of the shooter has modern graphics, polished game balance, exciting maps, new weapons and many other components.

Cs Go Betting Parimatch began to gain popularity after the first competition was organized, in which the winner received $250,000. To date, there are events where participants can be about a million dollars.

Popular types of bets on cs:go tournaments

To date, three main options for bet on Parimatch Cs Go are active: BO1, BO3, BO5.

  • BO1 is a random competition format. This format assumes 1 game on some map. Teams alternately cross out cards, and on the remaining they play the game. BO1 are used at the regular season, at the qualifiers and at the BLAST Pro Series.
  • BO3 is a common tournament. The game lasts up to 2 wins. Here, the participants similarly alternately “ban” the cards and take the desired one. This format is used in all tournaments and playoff networks.
  • BO5 – it’s not that popular. You can rarely meet him, mainly at the finals of the ESL match. This format provides for the longest competitions, which can take about 8 hours.

There are also CS:GO matches in tournaments in the form of a show. Shows take place in an unusual version for the audience, which gives interest and fascination. An example of such a show is a duel of participants using a specific type of weapon. Such matches allow team players to additionally prove themselves.


How to bet on CS:GO

The fights themselves as well as Cs Go online betting Parimatch are gaining a wide public response today. Every year, new promising teams appear on the gaming arena, successfully fighting the well-deserved leaders. This makes the matches more interesting and exciting. You can turn on these esports events at any time and follow them.

Given the popularity of this sport among betting enthusiasts, bookmakers are constantly expanding their lines and offering many betting options. Cs Go Betting Parimatch Malaysia are like this:

  • On the outcome of the dual – one participant (P1) or the other (P2) will win. These rates are usually in any mode. Very rarely can there be a draw.
  • Totals by cards – how many of them will be before the winner is determined.
  • Total rounds. By analogy with cards, you can bet on over or under.
  • Positive or negative handicap. It only works if a clear leader competes with a weak participant.

You can also bet on the correct score. Many bettors choose this option. He is very popular.

CS:GO betting tips

To analyze the Parimatch Cs Go Malaysia event and build your own strategy. To do this, study as much information and various nuances as possible. In particular, the participating teams are more tuned in to LAN duels than on the Internet. Another very important point is that when meetings are held online, many participants experience interruptions on the Internet. Therefore, the gameplay may be broken due to this.

Since you already know about the main nuances, you should now move on to statistics. Many specialized gaming portals have high-quality and complete information about literally any fight and any team, including the very beginners. It is also very indispensable to carefully study the results of recent competitions, which cards were better than the rest.

Follow the lineups. This is even more critical here than in football, since there are only 5 players in each team. Each participant is influential, and no team keeps 5 more people of equal skill in reserve. The process of the duel can be influenced by the time zone and how the participants of the tournament feel.

cs go betting

Advantages of betting on cs:go

What is the advantage of this type of betting? There are various factors. For these reasons, millions of bettors from many countries choose CS:GO. Below are just a few of them.

  • Constancy. Those participants who constantly compete in Major tournaments (this is referred to as the Tier-1 division) show approximately the same results every year. Therefore, it is possible to trace the directions that are established over several years. Most of all, in this case, it plays into the hands of betters who bet long before the start of the competition or even earlier.
  • Available broadcasts. Esports events are always shown live, and not only on specialized channels. Actually, anyone can watch the gameplay live and bet in the process.

Thus, Parimatch Cs Go betting real money is beneficial for everyone.



Fans of the CS:GO shooter simply love to watch matches online. But there are times when there is no definite timetable. There are some sites where you can watch any match in excellent quality. Some tournaments are available on Parimatch. To watch a live CS:GO broadcast, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Click on the special icon in the site menu, after which you will be taken to the page with the schedule of events.
  • The current schedule of events will be displayed, which can be viewed in good quality.
  • If possible, you can click on the event that interests you. It will open if available.

Thus, you can watch the teams, place live bets and just enjoy the process. Every fan of this famous shooter will experience just genuine emotions.