Parimatch Payment methods ADM betting sites

Choosing the ADM betting site is important, but knowing the payment methods it accepts is even more important. In this way, you can be sure of using one of the tools you already own.

In the last period, the payment methods on ADM betting sites have made room for new solutions, precisely to meet the needs of the players. For this reason, unlike a few years ago, there are now betting sites with Postepay as a payment method or those that allow the use of Paypal or Paysafecard , just to name a few.

In this article we want to indicate which are the most popular payment instruments , but also the safest and most convenient ones. Our experience will thus help you in choosing the betting site on which to open a gaming account to start betting and have fun.


The bookmaker office of PariMatch has been working on the betting market for a long time, offers access to a wide range of bets and honestly withdraws winnings. Consider the payment systems with which you can withdraw your money.

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Types of withdrawals

The following payment methods are available to bettors at PariMatch:

  1. Bank card VISA, MasterCard. Money is withdrawn to the card belonging to the owner of the account. Later they can be cashed or used for online payments.
  2. Bank wire transfer. In this case withdrawal from PariMatch bet is made to the player’s bank account.
  3. Virtual wallets KIVI, Yandex.Money. When using them, money is credited to an electronic account in one of the listed payment systems. They can be used for online shopping or transferred to a bank card.

How to withdraw funds to any of the means of payment

Most often, users are interested in how to withdraw winnings from PariMatch to the card. The procedure for this method of payment is as follows:

  • Authorize on the website of the bookmaker’s office.
  • Click the “Deposit/withdrawal” button at the top of the site.
  • Specify the method of withdrawal you wish to use.
  • Enter the amount of payment, the number of plastic card.
  • Click the button “Order”.

If you want to make a bank transfer choose “Bank account/Bank transfer”. Instead of the card number, you must enter the payment details of your bank account.

Before withdrawing money from PariMatch to the virtual wallet, make sure that it is identified.

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If everything is normal, then the order of payment is as follows:

  • Go to your account on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Click on “Withdrawal of funds”.
  • Specify to which e-wallet you would like to withdraw money.
  • Click on “Order”.
  • Specify the details of a purse and the amount of payment.

You will be redirected to the virtual wallet website, where you will have to pass authorization and confirm the transaction.

Money withdrawal terms

If the bettor withdraws money to a bank card or account, the transaction is completed within 3 business days. When transferring funds to a virtual wallet, the processing of the Parimatch apk download takes 2-3 minutes.

The bookmaker’s office does not charge any commission. The exception is situations when a bettor wants to withdraw an amount smaller than the one he deposited. In this case, the office has the right to withhold 10% of the commission.


Also, keep in mind that virtual wallets may take their own commission for a financial transaction.

Withdrawal of funds from PariMatch offline

Deposit-withdrawal funds from PariMatch offline are available only for bettors from certain countries where there are betting centers of the bookmaker.

Money does not come, what should I do?

Usually, if a bettor transfers money from PariMatch to his account and it does not arrive, you just need to wait. Sometimes financial transactions are delayed due to technical failures on the side of the system where funds are transferred. It is also appropriate to check whether the player was not denied the payment.

  • The bookmaker’s office may refuse to withdraw funds in the following cases:
  • Personal information specified in the bettor’s profile does not match the data of the payment system.
  • The account has not been verified.
  • The player incorrectly entered the card number or e-wallet number.
  • The deposit was created in a different way than the one used to request payment.
  • The administration of the bookmaker’s office suspected the user of fraud or other actions that violate the site rules.
  • The player has exceeded the payout limit.
  • The bettor did not win back the gifts received from the bookmaker


It is possible that there were technical problems on the bookmaker’s site, which led to the failure of the financial transaction. Contact support to sort out the problem. Support will advise you on how to withdraw money from PariMatch to your card or purse when technical problems are solved.

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Is it possible to withdraw to another payment system?

You have to withdraw money in the same way you made the deposit.

If you want to know how to withdraw money from PariMatch in another way, contact technical support. A support staff member will provide you with information about the possibility of changing the payment system. Get ready for the fact that you will be required to present documents confirming the ownership of a bank card/virtual wallet, which will be used to withdraw money.


Some bettors are interested in how to cancel withdrawal from PariMatch. If the money has already been transferred from the website to a bank card/e-wallet, you cannot cancel the transaction. If the request is still being processed, simply delete it from your account.

Differences between the various payment instruments

What may differ between one tool and another should be taken into consideration. If you have a certain payment method at your disposal and you want to know if it is the best of all, it is good to look at some details.

The aspects to be taken into consideration are: commissions, timing and limits for withdrawals and deposits .

Analyzing each tool from these points of view helps to do things right and identify the site that allows you to have the best conditions to bet.

Some bookmakers have decided to insert, for example, limits for withdrawals and deposits with certain payment methods. Others set certain timelines and still others may require you to pay commissions if you use a certain tool. As you can see, these are not aspects that can be underestimated.

The various types of payment instruments

VISA and Mastercard credit cards : both of these tools are equivalent and are accepted by practically all bookmakers, with almost no exception. In most cases there are no commissions to pay for withdrawals or deposits and the crediting to the gaming account is immediate . As for, however, withdrawals could have days of waiting.

Paypal : this tool has been making its way for some time now, because it is becoming increasingly popular and is widely used. The online betting sites have therefore chosen to give users the possibility to use it for their bets. As far as deposits are concerned, we can say that these are always immediate. In some cases, withdrawals are too and, when there is a wait, the wait is reduced to just 2 days for almost all sites.

Postepay : this tool has also made its way in the last period. It is a very popular payment tool because it is easy to manage. Since it is a prepaid card, many risks are eliminated which, on the other hand, could be connected to a credit card. The crediting of the funds to the gaming account is instantaneous while, in this case, it is necessary to wait from 2 to 5 days for withdrawals.

Skrill: Just like Paypal, this virtual account can also be used to place bets on a large number of online betting sites. It is a less used but no less effective tool. The conditions are the same as those applied for Paypal.

Neteller: the tool in question works a bit like Paypal and Skrill, but what drives many players to use it is the possibility of having higher deposit limits than usual.

Paysafecard : This is a prepaid card that is sold in different denominations. The peculiarity is that once the credit is finished it cannot be recharged. How does it work then? In this case there are immediate deposits but for withdrawals it is necessary to open a Paysafecard account on the official website.

ecoPayz: This is a virtual online account which, in many respects, resembles the others previously mentioned. The characteristics, therefore, are similar to those of Paypal and Neteller.

Bank transfer: a slow tool but which, even today, many decide to use for their online bets. Although it proves slower than the others, it is chosen for the almost total absence of deposit limits.