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Since its inception, PariMatch Malaysia has become a world-famous brand, which is now represented in many countries. This bookmaker is well known far abroad. Here you can place bets on all sports.

What are live/live bets?

There are prematch bets – they work before the event.


Then there are Live bets in Parimatch bet apk download, which are bets during a game.

You can watch soccer on TV and immediately bet on a corner kick or a goal in the next minutes.

And don’t forget to agree to odds changes in live betting.

How to bet?

First, select and mark the sports/league/match you are interested in and the outcome you want to bet on.

Select the type of bet: “single”, “express” or “system”.

“Ordinary” is a bet on one outcome.

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“Express” is a bet on at least two different outcomes, which are not interconnected.

“System” is a combination of “expresses” of a certain size from a previously defined number of outcomes (not less than three). Each combination is calculated as a separate “Parlay”.

Enter the bet amount at the bottom of the betting slip.

For single bets, you can enter the bet amount for each outcome directly in front of it.

Useful functions of a slip:

  • coupon allows you to combine live/pre-match/virtual sports line outcomes;
  • coupon is not reset when page and line are updated;
  • the function “Quick bets” allows in one click to bet on an amount specified in advance;
  • the function “Accept changes in odds” makes betting on the Live line much more convenient. The minimum bet amount is from 1 USD.

The match was interrupted/scheduled. How will my bet be calculated?

Event interrupted and not completed within 12 hours

In this case, it depends on the outcome at the time of the interruption:

  • if the outcome is already played, the bet is calculated on the selected odds;
  • if it is not known whether the outcome is played, the bet will be calculated with odds 1.


The event is postponed for more than 36 hours

Calculation of bets depends on whether the match was played during this time:

  • if no, bets are calculated with odds of 1;
  • if yes, bets will be settled on the final result. (Details in p. 37 of the “Rules of the Company”).

Exceptions for some sports:


  • if a hockey game is not played on the declared date, bets are settled with odds 1.

American soccer

  • If a match is not played on the declared day – bets are refunded.


  • if a match is postponed more than 12 hours from the start time indicated in the receipt, bets are calculated with odds 1.
  • if a match is not completed, the calculation of bets on the winner depends on the verdict of official sources:
  • if the result is approved as final, bets are calculated on that result;
  • if the result is not approved as final, bets will be settled at odds of 1.
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Beach Volleyball. Table Tennis. Badminton

If the match is interrupted or if one of the teams refuses to continue or is disqualified, it all depends on the outcome at the time of the interruption:

  • if the outcome has already been played, the bet is calculated on the selected odds;
  • if it is unknown whether the outcome is played, the bet is calculated with odds 1.

What sports are the bets calculated with extra time/overtime?

American Football:

Bets are accepted with overtime unless otherwise noted on the line.


Bets are accepted including overtime in the event of a tie in regulation time. Clean wins and draws are accepted only for regular time.

Other sports:

Bets are accepted only for regular time unless otherwise indicated in the line.

How will the bet be calculated?

If in a tennis match one of the participants refuses to continue playing or is disqualified:

  • if at least one set is fully played, all bets to win the match are valid, the winner is determined by the referee’s decision;
  • all bets that have been played at the moment of interrupting the match are valid;
  • all bets on the game and set handicaps irrespective of the score are returned.

If the first set is not fully played, all bets, except those played at the time of interrupting the match, are returned.

How do I put together a parlay?

There are bets on winning a match, on statistics, on entertainment, and on tournaments that will end in a year.

You can choose a simple bet – players call it an order – on one result.

But it’s hard to win big money that way.

Bundle events into an “express”, which is one bet on several events at the same time.

If it works, all the odds are multiplied. Collect five events with odds of 2 – and get a total of 32.

If you staked $100 – here you get 3200. That’s how millions are won.

What is a bet on the total?

Total is the total number of goals scored per match, goals scored or points scored – anything.

Make a correct prediction and select the total more or total less – will score more or less than you specified.

If you bet on 10 goals and 10 scored – it’s a hit to Total and the bet comes back at odds of 1.

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VIP bet

Want to bet higher than the specified maximum? Activate VIP

Deposit a deposit of $100 or more and make a single, multi or system bet at least 20 minutes before the game.

This service is valid for bets from 1000 dollars

If you want to place a VIP bet, please indicate it in the bet slip and we will tell you if you can place it as soon as possible.

How are bets like TB 1.5 and TM 1.5 on mixed martial arts calculated?

This type of outcome means that you made a bet on the duration of the fight. You are offered to choose how many rounds the fight will last.

Only the number of fully completed rounds is taken into account in the calculation.


That is, if you have made a bet on the outcome “Total more than 1,5”, the bet will be winning only if the full 2 rounds are played.