Basics of LOL betting

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It is very important to make a choice of a casino, to check its potential. A good option is LOL Betting Parimatch Malaysia. If you are confident enough in your abilities, then you are already set for the game. To do this, foremost, you need to create an account on the site of your chosen casino. When you got acquainted with the site, you often came across a button with the inscription “Registration”. If you want to start the game, start by clicking on this button.

When registering, you must provide your real data. Think about the fact that when fortune smiles at you, in order to receive your winnings, you need to go through verification and provide real documents. The account to which the bonuses come must be opened alone. Only one personal data can be entered from one computer, otherwise your account may be blocked when withdrawing money.

How to read LOL odds?

Beginners should decide a sport that they not only like, but that they have been interested in for a certain time, maybe even practiced. You can cover more matches and various competitions, but there is no time to analyze them. Therefore, the objective possibility of winning decreases. Choose a sport that is close to you and about which you know a lot.

A shallow analysis of the enemy and his underestimation leads to a loss.

In regard to LOL Parimatch, in American odds, as a rule, a negative number is assigned to the team that is preferred. And positive – to an outsider. The further apart these numbers are, the more one-sided the match is expected to be. The numbers also indicate the potential reward for each side.

  • Negative odds show how much you have to risk making a $100 profit supporting the favorite.
  • Positive odds show how much profit you will make if you risk $100 to support an underdog.

You have a chance to win at Parimatch LOL betting real money.


How to understand LOL bet types?

Want to bet on Parimatch LOL? There are several options:

  • The simplest and most understandable is to predict the winner. It seems simple. Considering that there is no draw in the order of games, tournaments can be held in the format from bo 1 to bo 7. Even being interested in the history of various competitions, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, it is often quite difficult to make predictions about the winner. Luck can smile even to an outsider.
  • Map victory. It is important to predict the exact map and the best on it.
  • First Blood (First blood). Very complex and risky, which is almost impossible to calculate, is the First Blood variant. The victory of the team is counted at the first blood, and this cannot be predicted, it all depends on the element of surprise and chance.
  • To the correct account. In relation to League of Legends, be sure to guess the outcome of all victories. In the famous bo 3 variant (up to 2 wins), the net result ranges from 2–0 to 0–2, any of the opponents can win 2–1.
  • By shapes. The player will have to predict the card advantage of the leader. Offered by the bookmakers -1.5 in the online bo3 format (there must be an undeniable victory of the team you have chosen), and if +1.5 (the lagging behind needs to win at least 1 time on 3 maps), the tournament will end with a score of 2 -0.
  • Total frags. The number of kills per map is a frag. This version is most preferred by those who like to take risks, or by players who are engaged in game analytics and have their own strategy.
  • They also accept the total of destroyed buildings. Those who are interested in betting on the number of opponent’s buildings hit will be interested in LoL. Here you will need to guess who will hit the enemy buildings first and more.

Nash or often becomes the object of hunting. There is a monster in Summoner’s Rift that needs to be killed and this is another variation.

lol betting parimatch

LOL live betting

In LOL Betting Parimatch in live mode for various events are becoming more and more popular. This is due to many reasons. Technology continues to evolve. Live mode allows you to feel the real atmosphere of the competition and experience genuine emotions. Another reason is not too long calculation. You will soon find out if you made the right choice or not. Many people think that in this mode the chances of winning are much higher. After all, you follow the process while it is happening. Thus, you can make an analysis and an accurate forecast.

The best LOL tournament to bet on

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is a tournament that takes place every year. Participants from different parts of the world compete in it. As a result of this event, the fate of the players in the draw baskets at the LOL World Championship is decided. The cash prize in this competition can be about a million. The League of Legends World Tournament is the most important event for the participants themselves and their fans. Fans of this game can bet on Parimatch LOL. In this competition, it will be decided who will be the real champion and receive the same Cup.



Beginners receive a Pari Match bonus on their first deposit within 24 hours. To do this, you need to put your first 10x deposit plus odds of 1.5. There is also a welcome bonus, which is not wagered if there is an amount in your account that does not exceed the minimum bet.

No need to use the same wallet using different accounts. Without the permission of the support service, it is forbidden to open other virtual accounts using VPN and replacement servers. If they agree, the text of the message should not be lost by taking a snapshot of the chat history.