Sports Betting: Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone who ventures into the world of betting for the first time is prone to making mistakes in betting due to lack of knowledge. It seems an almost obligatory stage that usually nullifies the initial bonus in favor of the bookmakers who certainly come out as winners.


There are many reasons from which mistakes arise, first of all the distractions. Never be in a hurry to make your play. Wait for the right time, the right amount of money and that’s it. Always study the sports you bet on thoroughly and pay attention to the details, only in this way will you be on the right path not to make mistakes. Before diving fully into the world of betting, it is the case that you know the mistakes that almost all players make in the first few bets and beyond. It is normal to make mistakes, but when your savings are at stake, you have to play with some caution.

What this guide in Parimatch website aims to do is to help its readers have a positive experience regarding the complicated world of betting. That is why we will cover an essential topic, for both beginners and professionals: betting errors

Sports Betting: Mistakes to Avoid

Luck kisses the bold goes the famous saying, but in the world of betting, luck is an enemy. It is that ineluctable percentage of error that each play possesses. As predictable as every bet is a risk, that’s why we must reduce the foreseeable mistakes to zero and leave luck as the only margin of error.

Most common mistakes


It is easy to make mistakes, just a moment of distraction is enough to blow the hopes of winning. Since the error is always around the corner it is easy to spot it. That is why the team of betting experts of the Parimatch betting group24 has been struggling for a long time to find and group the most compromising and common mistakes.

Here is a list for you:

  • Playing without paying attention to Parimatch bets is certainly the most common mistake. Wagering a lot to do so is sure to have a negative influence on your winnings.
  • Play to make up for a losing streak . Choose a number of plays per day and never exceed it.
  • Register at the first bookmaker you find . Nothing more wrong. Compare many bookmakers to get the best bonuses. Above all choose one of the best betting sites that operate legally under AAMS license .
  • Betting all your capital in one game . Nothing could be more wrong, always remember that no matter how safe a bet is, it is always possible that you will fail by losing all your capital in one fell swoop.
  • Relying on quotes . Never choose your bet based solely on the odds, often the odds can be wrong. Choose your bet by following your game and your knowledge of the sport in question.
  • To gamble . Another very frequent mistake. Never gamble with too much gambling on the results, this will lead to a loss of money.
  • Use only one bookmaker Parimatch . Using multiple bookmakers allows you to receive more welcome bonuses and play your bets with the best odds.
  • Betting without a game system . Learn to use a trusted system for choosing your bets.
  • Place your bet on a single event . Betting on more matches will boost your action plan and help keep you more informed.
  • Play with odds below 1.20 . Dedicating only to minimum win bets will make it extremely slow to increase your capital.
  • Don’t have an exit strategy . It is important to set two important thresholds: minimum and maximum. The minimum threshold is the threshold under which to stop to avoid continuing to lose capital. The maximum threshold is the threshold above which you will have to extract the money earned from the online account to avoid losing it with future bets.
  • Bet on many events . Betting on too many matches can lose focus, leading you to place wrong bets. Choose a maximum number of events to bet on and always keep up to date on the odds and predictions, to minimize mistakes.
  • To bet on too many different sports . Choose a maximum number of sports ( tennis betting) to focus your attention on and never bet on unfamiliar areas.
  • Be influenced by a series of victories . Do not think that a winning streak will surely lead to other victories. Defeat is always around the corner ready to strike.
  • Being influenced by a series of defeats . Do not let yourself be conditioned by defeats and always try to understand the reason that caused the loss.

Live betting errors


Parimatch Live bets are slightly different than other betting categories. This is because it is a matter of betting live on an event that changes second by second and which could reserve unexpected surprises. You have to face the match with patience and cold blood, which is why it is always better not to bet on events in which you are emotionally involved. Subjectivity is the first of the mistakes in live betting.

Another recurring mistake is the fossilization only on the type of play that is considered safer. On the one hand, it seems the most logical action, but on the other, all other possibilities of victory are precluded.

The last mistake, which is also the most common in live betting, is certainly the lack of experience. Before you try your hand at this type of bet, and risk losing your money, practice by doing some tests.

Bets with errors

There are cases where estimating the mistake helps in choosing winning bets. The area where error is taken into account for the final result is the margin of error betting system.

This method allows the player to obtain modest winnings, to minimize the damage to their account and not to lose the game due to an error. It is a system that finds its Parimatch app in the coupons, of any sport, and allows you to win the game even if you make mistakes. The system works up to a maximum of two betting errors.